7 June 2023

‘Chase’ star tries cheese rolls in Southland

Shaun Wallace, star of television show The Chase, has thrown his support behind a Young Enterprise business in Invercargill while raising funds for local organisations.

The barrister, lecturer and television personality is in New Zealand hosting a series of quizzing events alongside Believe it or Not and various local organisations.

During his last tour of the country in 2019, Invercargill and Southland were left off his agenda, so he insisted a stop be added this year to his “bucket-list” destination.

Before the ILT Stadium Southland event last night, Mr Wallace met one of the minds behind Currently Thriving, a business in Invercargill founded by young entrepreneurs Katiana Simpson and Katie Dennis.

Chief executive Ms Simpson said when she started the business she never could have imagined the support they had received, especially from the likes of Mr Wallace.

“Not many people, especially in Southland, have the opportunity of meeting someone of that stature.

“His words have been really inspiring.”

Currently Thriving is a clothing business on a mission to spread positivity and promote mental wellbeing.

Mr Wallace said it was wonderful to be involved with a charity that supports and encourages young enterprise.

“They’re going to be the future leaders of New Zealand business, and I think its wonderful to be associated with it, alongside the fact that it’s important that we raise awareness especially in relation with mental health.”

Mr Wallace also got to taste his first cheese roll. His verdict: “Fantastic”.

YouthLine, a partner of Currently Thriving, was the major recipient of funds raised through Invercargill’s Believe it or Not evening.

Source: Otago Daily Times, 7 June 2023

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