23 February 2024

Engineering and Manufacturing Cluster identifies key themes: Collaboration and innovation at the forefront

The Southland Engineering and Manufacturing Cluster, a pioneering collective dedicated to transforming Southland’s industrial landscape, has identified key themes within the industry, emphasising collaboration and innovation as primary drivers for growth.

Led by Brendan Gray, the Cluster is working to transform Southland into a united industrial hub for the engineering and manufacturing sector.

Dean Addie, Chair of the Southland Engineering and Manufacturing Cluster, underscores the importance of collaboration within the industry, stating, “Our core objective is to ensure sustainable growth in engineering and manufacturing throughout the region. By fostering collaboration among industry players, we showcase the incredible capabilities of our region and empower our regions to bid for large engineering and manufacturing contracts with confidence.”

The cluster is an initiative introduced from Just Transitions; a government supported initiative to develop an economic road map for Southland as it navigates the uncertainty of the future of New Zealand Aluminium Smelter.

The Cluster has an important role to support local contracting firms to transition from reliance on NZAS business and participate fully in new economic opportunities, while also supporting existing major industries.

Brendan Gray, Southland Engineering Cluster Manager, expressed his enthusiasm for supporting the engineering community, saying, “It has been enlightening working with industry, understanding the needs and desires of the engineering and manufacturing community to fully support their transition and growth into a new era of business opportunities.”

The cluster’s recent findings highlight a true desire within the industry to collaborate and work together, coupled with an understanding and acceptance of the need to innovate, pivot, or change to foster growth.

In an exemplar of collaboration, five key players within the Southland engineering community are joining forces to explore new energy opportunities. They will be attending a symposium next week to delve into collaboration potential and opportunities for the region, further solidifying Southland as a beacon of collaborative excellence within the engineering and manufacturing sector.

Gray has been connecting with industry and understanding the needs and pain points for the sector and comments on the key findings.

“It’s positive to see genuine desire to work together and grow our sector. The themes that have emerged are not surprising, but it is positive to see the active participation and widespread understanding that collaboration and innovation is central to our sectors growth.”

Source: nzmanufacturer.co.nz – 23 February 2024

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