Wellbeing Webinar – Decoding Emotions in Body Language

Dr Paul Ekman developed a facial action coding system which identifies subtle muscle movements in the face. This enables you to see not only what the subtle emotions are, but notice the timing of when the emotion starts in relation to something that is said or done, and also when it is at its most intense.

How does having this knowledge help you? The face becomes a source of immense information for you. You notice more when things change for people in response to what has been said or done. You begin to see the links right in front of your eyes between the thought, becoming an emotion and then manifesting in the physical body language.

Join us with Body Lanuage specialist – Stephanie Holloway as she takes us through this fascinating class – it looks specifically at micro and macro expressions in the face, manipulators (how people touch their face and head – and what it means), and the universal expressions.