Performance Management

"The standard we ignore or excuse, is the standard we set."

Performance Management is the challenging end of the leadership spectrum. It's the place where you have to make tougher decision that could result in the removal or dismissal of an employee. If despite your best efforts through positive leadership and deliberate coaching, you have failed to get the desired results you expected, this workshop is where you follow through to help your poor performer up or out.

This workshop looks at the deliberate skills and actions required to deal with poor performance or non-compliance in the workplace. Attendees will learn the day to day coaching that needs to take place before the formal process begins and the tools and techniques to deal with poor performance as soon as it happens – before it becomes a problem. If the situation escalates, attendees will also be armed with the knowledge of how to go through the formal process, with the tools and templates needed.

Attendees will learn how to confidently and competently take an employee through a clearly defined 4-step Performance Management Process with the confidence to know they are following the law whilst treating their staff with dignity and fairness.
Participant Profile

This programme is designed for middle to senior managers within the organisation who are responsible for holding their staff accountable. Participants attending this workshop are likely to be

  • Keen to learn how to challenge their staff in a fair, reasonable, and legal way
  • Keen to learn how to hold their staff accountable
  • Looking for practical, useful performance management tools and techniques that can be applied immediately
  • Leaders committed to following through on performance concerns

Learning Objectives

  • How to deal with performance management day to day
  • How to competently run an employee through a structured 4-step performance management process
  • How to run an effective coaching meeting
  • Understand the differences between minor and serious misconduct
  • Run an effective disciplinary meeting if required
  • Understanding the legal requirements


One day, 9am – 5pm

Your Facilitator – Robin Rawson
Robin is one of New Zealand’s leading adult educators and for over 30 years has assisted thousands of senior managers, executives, business owners, parents, school teachers, Government officials and community leaders.

During that period he has coached, mentored and challenged those in positions of power to execute that power with integrity, empathy and humility.
Robin genuinely cares not only about what people learn, but more importantly what people DO with what they learn. His style of teaching is very practical and hands on allowing you to engage in a meaningful, provocative and memorable experience.

Robin holds a National Certificate in Business Studies, a Diploma in Adult Teaching and a Certificate in Training and Development. He is a senior consultant for the NZ Institute of Management (NZIM) South Island wide and an accredited 4QL educator with the Wilf Jarvis Foundation.

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