Courageous Conversations

The Courageous Conversations workshop provides an opportunity to visit some of the core models that encourage bravery when dealing with non-compliance, poor performance, or negative attitudes in the workplace. It has been designed to maximise 100% engagement and will therefore focus on real workplace scenarios, highly interactive case studies, roleplays, and critical self-reflection exercises.

Learning how to confront poor performance is one thing, having the courage, confidence, and competence to actually DO something about it – is another. Too many managers and supervisors take the easy option (even after the training) and simply turn a blind eye to undesirable workplace practices – for all the wrong reasons. Excusing, tolerating, justifying these behaviours is unacceptable – what we ignore, we approve!

  • Are you known for your confidence and competence in dealing with poor performance / behaviours within your workplace?
  • Are you holding people accountable? Are you disciplined in following through on consequences?
  • Do you confront these ‘tough nuts’ with empathy – not accusation?

This workshop is an opportunity to revisit and further strengthen your leadership capability in this vital area of communication. The fact that conflict will arise from time to time in the workplace is not necessarily a bad thing as long as it can be resolved quickly, professionally, and permanently – it can in fact lead to personal and professional growth when handled in the right way. This workshop will cover all the key competencies to successfully identify, assess and solve poor performance and or unacceptable behaviours in the workplace.

Learning Content

  • Understanding what causes conflict
  • Getting your facts right – being well prepared
  • Having a rigorous and professional process
  • Understanding the difference between a coaching conversation and the disciplinary process
  • Clear and deliberate scripting to get you started
  • The power of consequence and follow through
  • Moving from informal conversations to the formal disciplinary process
  • Seeing the process through

One day, 9am – 5pm

Your Facilitator – Robin Rawson
Robin is one of New Zealand’s leading adult educators and for over 30 years has assisted thousands of senior managers, executives, business owners and community leaders. During this period he has coached, mentored and challenged those in positions of power to execute that power with integrity, empathy and humility.

Robin holds a National Certificate in Business Studies, a Diploma in Adult Teaching and a Certificate in Training and Development. He is a senior consultant for the NZ Institute of Management (NZIM) South Island wide and an accredited 4QL educator with the Wilf Jarvis Foundation.

Regional Business Partner (RBP) Capability Voucher Fund
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