Genterpreter® 2024

By 2027 it is anticipated that up to 75% of the New Zealand workforce will be made up of Millennials and Gen Z. Alpha generation will be entering the workforce from 2027 too.

Will your business be ready?
This 60 minute session will provide insight on what is ahead in the workplace after the mass exit of the Boomer Generation in 2026.

The three components of this session are:

  • The motivations and values of Millennials, Gen Z and Alpha
  • The latest research and predictions on the Alpha generation
  • How workplaces will likely change after 2027

Why would you attend this workshop?
The aim is that you gain insight into the mindset of the 75%. Which may help prevent assumptions and stereotyping in your business. It may also help you forward plan. This is an interactive thought provoking session.

Genterpreter® has been running since 2019 to aid businesses in preparing for a 2026 global transition in the workplace.

Join Claire Spencer, the new owner and presenter of Genterpreter®, as she offers invaluable insights into workforce generations.


TechWeek- NZAS

22 May 2024

4:30pm - 6:30pm

New to Business (Invercargill)

23 May 2024

12:00pm - 1:00pm