Negotiating with Integrity

Negotiating with Integrity has been developed to give you a clear framework for approaching and conducting negotiations.

We negotiate everyday – with our customers, suppliers, staff, contractors, funders and our family!

Being a good negotiator means being able to get good solutions for the problems that you and your stakeholders face, while protecting and enhancing the relationships with the other side. The focus of this workshop is to give you a good grounding in the process of effective negotiation and provide you with the
planning tools that will help you apply this process in every situation.

It is inevitable that, from time-to-time, conflict and disagreement will arise as the differing needs, wants, aims and beliefs of people are brought together. Without negotiation, such conflicts may lead to argument and resentment resulting in one, or all, the parties feeling dissatisfied. The point of negotiation is to reach agreements without causing future barriers to productive relationships.

This is a high impact and participative course incorporating a wide range of deliberate accelerated learning techniques including role simulations, scenarios, scripting and group discussions. Participants work on their actual real examples of negotiation situations so that they can practice the application of the skills in a safe environment before needing to use them in practice.

Designed for
Participants attending a Negotiating with Integrity programme are typically:

  • Team leaders, supervisors, managers, business owners and individual contributors who need to reach successful outcomes where all parties feel like winners
  • Sales teams who need to protect their margins without upsetting their customer relationships.
  • Anyone who feels that they have been taken advantage of, or who is struggling to get what they want from people whose help they need.

Learning overview

  • Understanding Negotiation with Integrity
  • Separating the people from the problem
  • Exploring interests
  • Developing creative solutions
  • Reaching Agreement – or not
  • Conclusions and action plans


  • Clear framework for conducting negotiations
  • Negotiation Planner to support and guide the application of the process on the job
  • Application of content to participants’ real negotiations
  • Opportunity to practice in a safe environment
  • Optional post-course coaching (additional fee applies)

Two days, 9am – 5pm

Your facilitator – Harry Fox
Harry is a Behavioural Change Specialist and Consultant with many years’ experience in negotiating win-win solutions to complex business problems. His experience includes negotiating agreements between business vendors and purchasers, suppliers and customers, franchisors and franchisees and between management and employees.

In addition to Harrys’ practical experience in negotiation, he is also a talented and successful facilitator and trainer. His process ensures that participants apply their existing experience and expertise to the subject to then add real value to their tool kits.

Harry presents clear models that make complex issues understandable. The use of practical tools and processes within the workshop helps participants along the pathway from difficult to easy. The result is that participants put their new tools and skills into practice and are able to get great return on their investment in development. 

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Regional Business Partner (RBP) Management Capability Development Fund
This workshop is registered with the RBP Management Capability Development Fund. To explore if your business is eligible for support contact your local Regional Business Growth Advisor at or register your business here. Your Regional Growth Advisor will advise you on your eligibility for capability development funding. 



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