Persuading & Influencing Others

The workplace is becoming increasingly complex. Flat hierarchies, matrixed management structures, a never-ending flow of information and multiple, competing priorities. As a result, the ability to persuade and influence has increasingly become a core skill – in fact, an essential survival skill – for anyone in business.

The reality is that to move someone’s mindset from one position to another requires strategies, preparation and a range of skills. This workshop will provide these through some effective tools and frameworks that will help them influence across a wide range of challenging scenarios.

Designed for
Persuading and Influencing Others is designed to help people in situations such as the need:

  • To win buy-in for initiatives or encourage change within or outside their organisation.
  • To influence across a myriad of stakeholders, silos, and competing interests.
  • For a support function to build good working relationships with and add value to sometimes cynical business units they service.
  • For a manager to be a better leader by communicating more effectively.
  • For those without seniority or positional power to influence others.

Learning outcomes
Participants can expect the following types of outcomes that will ultimately help them and their organisation achieve its goals:

  • Universal buy-in for required change or important initiatives.
  • Stronger relationships.
  • Greater collaboration.
  • Enhanced leadership ability.
  • Less resistance and genuine buy-in.
  • Credibility with senior stakeholders.
  • Greater confidence, credibility, brand and profile.

Two hours

Your facilitator  Duncan Ashford
Lionheart is a communication skills training consultancy, based in Queenstown. They offer training and coaching solutions to help people from all backgrounds and levels of experience with their verbal and written communication skills.  


TechWeek- NZAS

22 May 2024

4:30pm - 6:30pm

New to Business (Invercargill)

23 May 2024

12:00pm - 1:00pm