Leading Through Crisis

In times of crisis, effective leadership becomes crucial. Our teams depend heavily on their leaders to guide them through tough times. People and organisations need to be resilient, and be able to bounce back from failures and set-backs, and to learn and grow from them. But what about our ability to prepare for adversity before it occurs, and to handle dilemmas in the moment, as they are happening?

Reinforce and grow your ability to overcome hurdles and adapt to a constantly changing economy and business environment, through simple, easy to recall tools and techniques used by the military on the battlefield. Effective crisis leadership means you’ll be the kind of leader your team relies on during tough times, fostering trust and respect.

Workshop overview
In our Leading Through Crisis workshop, the intuitive and simple-to-use framework we teach, helps leaders shift from an emotional reaction to a focussed response, improving the likelihood of favourable outcomes. This simple and easy to recall, three-step process, increases the chance of achieving better results in times of adversity. Learn to maintain focus, composure, and the ability to overcome obstacles in the moment, when it matters most.
This framework is designed to help leaders navigate crises in a more organised and effective manner and simplifies the decision-making process during high-stress situations. Learning to transition from an emotional, knee-jerk reaction to a composed response during a crisis, is crucial to achieving advantageous results.

Benefits of attending

  • Be the trusted leader your team relies on during tough times.
  • Become resilient, adaptable and learn to proactively identify and mitigate risks, keeping operations smooth.
  • Learn a simple, three-step framework for composed crisis management, ensuring confident and rational decision-making, even in high-stress situations.

Learning outcomes

  •  You will be equipped to bounce back from failures and setbacks, meaning a more agile and adaptable workforce.
  •  Being prepared means handling dilemmas as they arise, ensuring you don't get caught off guard.
  •  Easily recall the three-step process in times of adversity, so you have actionable strategies to apply in real leadership situations, increasing your effectiveness and avoiding blunders.
  •  Stay focused and composed, even in high-stress situations, leading to more confident, rational and simplified decision-making.
  •  Identify and mitigate risks proactively and with steady emotions, preventing potential issues from escalating and ensuring smooth operations.

The unique workshops will challenge people to perform outside of their comfort zone in a simulated high stakes environment. They help foster confidence and growth as participants realise that they can do more than they thought, both individually, and as a team. Learn simple techniques used by the military to help you to deal with obstacles, set-backs and failure and get the opportunity to apply and practice your new skills throughout the program during our practical simulation training. Participants can expect a highly engaging, challenging, and exciting learning experience.

Five and a half-hour session, and is broken down into four components:

  • THEORY. Build a solid foundation of knowledge. Learn highly effective tools and leadership strategies that are designed to be simple and easy to recall in times of adversity.
  • PRACTICAL APPLICATION. An opportunity for participants to practice applying their new tools in a safe to fail environment, under challenging and realistic, simulated conditions.
  • REFLECTION AND OBSERVATIONS. Unpack the lessons learned through structured reflection. Learn how to implement changes in the workplace and to provide and receive feedback to enable positive change. 
  • POST-ACTIVITY LEARNING. Learn how to develop a culture of continuous improvement within your teams, through a series of simple and easy to apply post-learning tools, techniques, and procedures.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your organisation’s culture and drive success. 

The HALO Training team consists of leaders who have real-world leadership experience. Leaders who know what it takes to lead high performing teams, in complex environments. They share the lessons learned and provide practical leadership tools that apply directly to business.



TechWeek- NZAS

22 May 2024

4:30pm - 6:30pm

New to Business (Invercargill)

23 May 2024

12:00pm - 1:00pm