Unleash Your Hidden Advantage Empower Dyslexic Thinking

Join us and turn your Dyslexia into a powerful business advantage!

Following the great discussion at our first Panel Discussion, Dyslexia Southland Business Group are excited to host a second panel discussion to continue sharing people's journeys, and offer support and encouragement to Empower Dyslexic Thinking in every workplace.  
Facilitated by Sumaria Beaton, General Manager – Awarua Synergy, guest panellists include:

  • Chris Cole, Dyslexia/Neurodiversity Coach – Unique Minds 
  • Paul Ruddenklau, Director – Resolution Farming App
  • Tim Ramsay, Managing Director – Insurance Brokers Alliance Limited

Dyslexia: Your Untapped Business Advantage
Did you know?

  • Around 10% of the population has Dyslexia.
  • Shockingly, 20-40% of entrepreneurs may be Dyslexic!
  • Even more surprising, a quarter of CEOs have Dyslexia.

These numbers paint a clear picture: Dyslexia isn't a weakness, it's a powerful and often untapped strength in business.

The Dyslexic Advantage:
The unique way Dyslexic minds process information translates into incredible business skills:

  • Leadership: Dyslexic individuals often possess strong leadership qualities, adept at inspiring and motivating others.
  • Innovation: Thinking outside the box comes naturally, leading to creative solutions and groundbreaking ideas.
  • Problem-solving: A focus on finding practical solutions shines through when tackling complex business challenges.
  • Active Learners: A thirst for knowledge and a unique learning style fuel continuous growth and adaptation.
  • Big Picture Thinkers: Dyslexic minds excel at seeing the bigger picture, strategizing effectively for long-term success.
  • Social Influencers: Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills build strong relationships and passionate teams.

Do You Recognize Yourself?
Perhaps you experienced:

  • Struggles in school that made you feel discouraged.
  • A wellspring of ideas that weren't always understood at work.
  • The need to work harder than others to achieve the same results.

If these resonate, you might be Dyslexic! And that's a good thing.

Unleashing Your Potential:
Many people discover Dyslexia later in life, and the revelation can be empowering. It explains past experiences and unlocks a path to maximizing your strengths.
This is where our local business group comes in. We provide a supportive community for Dyslexic entrepreneurs to:

  • Share Resources: Learn from each other's experiences and discover tools and strategies specifically helpful for Dyslexic business owners and Managers.
  • Find Mentorship: Connect with experienced Dyslexic leaders who can guide you on your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Build a Network: Find a supportive community where you can celebrate successes, overcome challenges, and learn from one another.

Join us and turn your Dyslexia into a powerful business advantage!
Previous attendees said:
“Was nice to be honest today about my dyslexic tendencies in a professional environment where I knew it was safe to say so! Something that I have always hidden!“ 
"Thank you for organising a very informative panel discussion."   
"I have never been formally diagnosed with dyslexia but once a Counsellor told me that I think like I have dyslexia. The checklist in the attached is entirely me"

​Want to know if you are a dyslexic thinker take this quiz 
Other resources – https://southlandchamber.co.nz/resource/dyslexics-thinking/


TechWeek- NZAS

22 May 2024

4:30pm - 6:30pm

New to Business (Invercargill)

23 May 2024

12:00pm - 1:00pm