17 October 2022

First Steps launched in Southland

Reducing the pressure we operate under is about changing our behaviours, which is why the Southland Business Chamber are proud to support First Steps NZ.

Coping is about having the right behaviours, and over the last six months First Steps have listened to over 70,000 business owners and leaders who have shared how they respond to pressure and then have converted their experiences into useful tools for positive wellbeing.

This self-directed platform will take you from being under pressure to being under control.

First Steps is a space to find a range of resources, video content, podcasts, and tools to help you make sense of challenging situations, reduce pressure, and make meaningful change toward a fulfilling and balanced life. In additional to self-directed resources, First Steps provides access to confidential support from approved professional wellbeing providers.

First Steps, providing mental health and wellbeing support to people in business across New Zealand.

Visit First Steps today!

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