25 February 2024

“Get a Life” toolkit

Southland Business Chamber’s members surveys consistently pinpoint staff recruitment and retention as the foremost issue confronting Southland businesses.

Spearheaded by Great South, the “Get a Life” toolkit initiative is underdevelopment and will be launched in coming weeks.

Chamber CEO Sheree Carey has thrown support behind the toolkit which is designed as a comprehensive resource, freely accessible to organisations aiming to bolster their recruitment efforts with a refreshing narrative about life in Southland.

The “Get a Life” toolkit is an ambitious project that aims to shift perceptions about living and working in Southland, posing a compelling question to potential residents and employees: Are you ready for a change of pace that not only allows you to truly live but also to afford it? With a unique blend of opportunities and a slower pace of life, Southland is presented as the ideal answer for those seeking to escape the relentless ‘rat race’.

“It’s fantastic to have a unified approach in promoting our region’s lifestyle nationally and internationally. This toolkit provides a one-stop-shop for everything from videos to social media resources, enabling us to showcase the exceptional quality of life in Southland.” Carey said.

The toolkit diverges from traditional recruitment strategies by eschewing clichéd imagery and instead focuses on the essence of what makes Southland a desirable place to live and work. It emphasises the region’s lifestyle benefits, such as quick commutes and abundant leisure time, encouraging individuals to reflect on their current life situations and consider Southland as a viable alternative for a more fulfilling life.

This initiative is not just a marketing tool; it’s a lifeline for Southland businesses in urgent need of talent. By providing a suite of resources to attract professionals and their families, the “Get a Life” toolkit aims to alleviate the recruitment challenges faced by local businesses. The success of this toolkit hinges on its adoption by the business community, which is encouraged to leverage these resources to attract new talent.

In summary, the “Get a Life” toolkit represents a significant effort by Great to reframe the narrative around working and living in Southland. By promoting a holistic view of the lifestyle benefits available in the region, they aim to attract not just employees, but individuals and families looking for a better quality of life. This collaborative approach underscores the community’s commitment to showcasing Southland as a premier destination for both work and leisure.

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