22 June 2023

Ethical and diverse leadership is crucial

“Let’s foster a culture of effective leadership and drive positive change for our region’s betterment and the generations to come.”

Welcome to our Tribune column spot called “Insight”. Today Southland Business Chamber CEO Sheree Carey talks about the importance of leadership as two by-elections in Southland loom.

As we navigate our ever-changing region, we face both challenges and opportunities.

The current economic climate and ongoing by-elections in local councils highlight the significance of leadership.

Ethical and diverse leadership is crucial, not only within councils but also within organisations, big and small.

Good leadership inspires trust, encourages collaboration, and fosters innovation. Transparent and inclusive leaders prioritise open communication and empower their teams, resulting in better decision-making and outcomes. Successful businesses prioritize employee well-being, community engagement, and sustainability.

On the other hand, poor leadership stifles progress, undermines morale, and creates a toxic work environment. Leaders lacking integrity and effective communication discourage collaboration and limit growth opportunities. Such leaders prioritise personal interests over community needs.

At the Southland Business Chamber, we believe in fostering good leadership. Through the Southland Leadership Academy, we develop leaders who embody integrity, inclusivity, and vision. By providing resources, mentorship, and training, we empower individuals to create a thriving business community.

Leadership extends beyond politics. We encourage active participation in the electoral process to select leaders in the best interest of our region. The Chamber is committed to fostering leadership succession and upskilling future leaders from all backgrounds through initiatives like the Southland Leadership Academy.

By championing diversity, inclusivity, and ethical practices, we shape a future built on strong foundations. Together, we overcome challenges, drive innovation, and create a prosperous Southland.

Let us promote good leadership and reject poor leadership to build a sustainable future for our region.

It is our collective responsibility to ensure our region is guided by ethical and diverse leaders. Let’s foster a culture of effective leadership and drive positive change for our region’s betterment and the generations to come.

More information on the academy can be found here https://southlandchamber.co.nz/sla/

Source: The Southland Tribune: Insight – 22 June 2023

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