10 October 2023

Introducing the Southland Engineering and Manufacturing Cluster: Building a Stronger Tomorrow for Southland

MEDIA RELEASE [10/10/2023]

In the heart of New Zealand’s southernmost region lies an initiative destined to reshape the engineering landscape of the nation: the Southland Engineering and Manufacturing Cluster. Spearheaded by industry leaders and backed by the community, this cluster represents more than just a strategic alliance—it’s a vision for Southland’s future.

The inception of the Southland Engineering Cluster stems from the region’s rich engineering legacy. Recognizing the potential for growth and development, the cluster was formed with a shared vision to rejuvenate, diversify, and strengthen the region’s economic backbone. By harnessing the potent mix of expertise, resources, and community spirit found in Southland, the cluster aims to transform challenges into opportunities, paving the way for a prosperous and innovative future.

1. Collaborative Growth: Central to the cluster’s ethos is the belief in shared growth. By acting as a nexus for businesses, it aims to promote partnerships, drive joint ventures, and unlock new markets, both
domestically and internationally.
2. Sustained Innovation: Southland has always been an incubator for innovation. The cluster aims to elevate this by facilitating shared research, promoting the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, and championing new product development.
3. Talent Cultivation: Recognising that the future rests in the hands of the next generation, the cluster is deeply invested in fostering educational and vocational pathways. Collaborations with academic institutions, specialised training programs, and a focus on drawing skilled professionals to Southland underline this commitment.
4. Community Engagement: Serving as a bridge between businesses and the broader community, the cluster is devoted to ensuring that the benefits of economic growth are felt at every level. From job creation to community projects, it’s all about inclusive progress.
5. Economic Resilience: Beyond immediate growth, the cluster is a strategic play for long-term resilience. By diversifying Southland’s engineering and manufacturing sectors—infusing them with fresh energy and ideas—the region is better poised to weather future economic storms.

Co-Chairs of the Southland Just Transition, Aimee Kaio and Neil McAra agree, that regional and local leaders are key to the success of any transition. Building future thinking and planning capacity and capability through the transition will be a lasting driver of change. Developing this capability in the community at both a leadership and service delivery level will support the community through the region’s current challenges, while also building resilience to future changes.

The Southland Engineering and Manufacturing Cluster isn’t just a strategy—it’s our commitment to future generations. It’s about ensuring that Southland continues to thrive, innovate, and lead.

Southlanders and New Zealanders alike are encouraged to watch this space, engage with the cluster, and be part of the exciting journey ahead.

The launch of the Southland Engineering and Manufacturing Cluster is being held on the 24th October 2023 at the Southland Chamber Office, 25 Don St from 4.15pm until 6pm.

The creation of the Southland Engineering and Manufacturing Cluster is a strategic play for long term resilience and all businesses in the Engineering and Manufacturing sectors are encouraged to make contact, get involved, and play a part in Southlands economic diversification.

Although supported by the Southland Business Chamber, businesses do not need to be a part of the Chamber family to participate in this exciting journey.

For more details, interviews, or media inquiries, please contact:
– Dean Addie – Interim Chair, Southland Engineering Cluster, Phone 021 773 126
Email: dean.addie@t4group.nz

About Southland Engineering Cluster
Founded very recently, the Southland Engineering Cluster is a testament to the region’s undying spirit of innovation, diversification and collaboration. Bringing together the best of Southland’s engineering and manufacturing sectors, it stands as a beacon of hope, resilience, and forward momentum, promising a brighter, stronger future for all of Southland.

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