17 December 2021

Invercargill business pays it forward

Liz Henry, owner of Mee & Henry Law Limited has community on her mind.

She has come up with several initiatives in the past to cheer up and support her community.

She and her husband set up Invercargill Park Run, that takes place every Saturday morning. Her company sponsors Free Comic Book Day each year to promote literacy. And they are also well known for lighting up their office building at Christmas. 

“We decorate our building with exterior festive lights to bring some Christmas cheer to everyone and to remind people to lighten up. This year has been so intense, so we want to share the joy of the season,” Mrs Henry said.

She heard about the ‘pay it forward’ scheme in other countries and decided to bring it to Southland, New Zealand to support local businesses and the loyal locals who support them. 

The way it works is that participants in the scheme pay a sum of money to a local business of their choice and ask that they nominate their loyal local customers (or indeed anyone who looks like they need to lighten up) and let them know that the product or service has been paid for.

The beneficiary receives goods for free and is given a card with details of the ‘pay it forward’ scheme, so they can join the scheme if they wish.

Jo of the Southland Business Chamber was one of the recipients of the scheme.

She received free sushi from Bonsai Sushi in Esk Street, Invercargill. She said the idea was “wonderful”.

“It was a very nice surprise and a very nice gesture. A great initiative by Mee & Henry Lawyers,” she said.

She intends to join the scheme and ‘pay it forward’ for somebody else.

Mrs Henry says that currently they have 25 businesses who are part of the scheme.

“Instead of doing gift baskets, this year we are giving 10-20 freebies in December for each participating business.

We are hoping that some recipients will choose to become part of the scheme and keep the ball rolling.

The idea is to support local businesses that have had a tough two years,” she said.

Source: The Southland App – 17 December 2021

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