24 November 2022

Mayors play to win as Southland Monopoly game launched

Southland Mayor Rob Scott wants to take Invercargill Mayor Nobby Clark and Gore Mayor Ben Bell to jail.

But wait — it is all part of a board game.

The trio were the first to play Southland’s Monopoly game yesterday. It will be officially released by the Southland Business Chamber this Saturday at Invercargill’s Santa Parade.

Southland Business Chamber chief executive Sheree Carey said the idea was to support the region and its members in an innovative, fun and entertaining way.

“We wanted to find a project that advertises and then promotes the region and all the places and spaces we have around our beautiful region. So we thought what better way than a Monopoly board?”

Winning Moves Australia Ltd, which has the rights to the board game, printed 4000 boards and 3200 units had already been sold in the chamber’s pre-sale, she said.

“Feedback has been amazing. People are loving it and it was timed perfectly for Christmas.”

The trio of mayors approved the initiative.

Mr Scott said it reminded him of his childhood. Playing it became so competitive that rules were created at his home.

“We ended up having a rule that we weren’t allowed to play Monopoly with certain people within the family because it got quite competitive. The board was known to be thrown off the table at times.”

When asked what would be his goal or tactics for the game, he jokingly said: “If I can throw the other two mayors in jail, [then] I would take over the whole board.”

Mr Clark said he went there to defend Invercargill city.

“I am quite competitive and I quite enjoy that. I find if people start to lose early on, [those playing] the game tend to get a bit disheartened so I’m expecting my colleagues will fall into this category.”

While the youngest mayor of New Zealand, Mr Bell believed his age counted in his favour.

“Well, to be fair it is a kid’s game so I will be the closest to being a kid. So I think I have the most skillset here,” he joked.

In the end, Mr Clark was the winner of the round with Mr Bell spending a couple of turns in jail.

“It is about having fun and I hope everyone can have a good time,” Mrs Carey said.

The Monopoly Southland Edition game can be bought for $59.95 at Invercargill’s Christmas parade on Saturday or via the Southland Business Chamber’s website.

Source: Otago Daily Times – 24 November 2022

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