25 November 2022

Now that’s what we call a powerball lottery

Sometimes on a golf course, crying “Fore!’’ won’t quite cut it.

So it was when the Southland Business Chamber held its annual golf day on November 25.

The event at the Otatara course also featured fundraising helicopter drop, raining about 1500 of balls down on the pin.

The balls were numbered and the sponsor of the winning ball – Ross McCulloch’s as it happened – earned $1000.

The event itself raised, on initial estimates, about $5000 to support the Young Enterprise Scheme to upskill and inspire the next generation of business leaders.

Following the tidy up, which enlisted Otatara Primary School pupils, the course was returned to the more traditional endeavours of the terrestrial golfers.

Source: Southland Times – 25 November 2022

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