22 June 2023

25 on Don grand opening

What a night!!

A big thank you to The Batch Cafe, Front-Line Training, FlourBro, Ethan Flack, Koha Kai, Kennedy School of Music, Robbies by Mrs Pickles, A Divine Dish, South Pole Dance, Altered, 4 Mates Brewery + many more for helping us to create a vibrant and exciting Grand Opening of 25 on Don.

Locally, 25 on Don is to be known as The Octopus. The octopus possesses three hearts, symbolising the interconnectedness and collaboration among three entities: the Southland Business Chamber, COIN South, and Coworkers. 

Each heart represents the shared commitment to fostering business growth, supporting entrepreneurship, and building a strong community. Furthermore, the octopus’s tentacles serve as powerful connectors, reflecting the network and relationships established by these organisations.

Just as the tentacles reach out in various directions, the Southland Business Chamber, COIN South, and Coworkers work together to connect individuals, businesses, and resources, enabling a thriving and sustainable Southland economy and business community. 

To learn more click here.

We can’t wait for you all to make use of our space!

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