3 June 2021

BA5 – Hawthorndale Care Village

Members and guests learnt about a new model of community-based aged and dementia care that could redefine how we care for the elderly in the South at tonight’s BA5 at the Handle Bar.

The Hawthorndale Care Village project is a not for profit based on the model of Dutch care village, De Hogeweyk. This concept replicates everyday life in a suburban neighbourhood within a safe, secure setting. The design of the village, the philosophy and way its residents are cared for is centred around evidence that suggests familiarity, comfort and stimulation has the greatest Impact on overall health and well-being.

This project will stimulate the local economy by:

  • Direct investment of $33m- 300 construction jobs
  • Employment – 87 jobs & create 11 new
  • Increases local employment & training
  • SIT work placements for nursing & hospitality.

Tonight’s speakers included project team members Paddy O’Brien, Mark O’Connor and Sarah Hannan, along with local business leaders Scott O’Donnell (HWR Richardson Group), Mark Mclean (SBS Bank), Rex Chapman (South Port NZ), Onno Mulder (Southern Institute of Technology) and Chris Ramsay (ILT) who shared why they are supporting this project.

Chris Ramsay provided a very special moment when he announced a $500,000 donation on behalf of ILT towards this project!! With just $2.3m left to fundraise, this project will soon become a reality.

Be part of a legacy – Donate now @ https://thehawthorndale.co.nz or Gift a Tree’ at a local SBS Bank branch.

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