1 February 2021

Economic Outlook 2021

It was our privilege to welcome Brad Olsen, Senior Economist and Director at Infometrics Ltd to Invercargill today.

The New Zealand economy continues to adjust to COVID-19 pandemic, even as we start a new year with greater optimism with no community transmissions, vaccines inbound, and a more resilient economy. Although the New Zealand economy has performed well throughout the pandemic, it has still suffered a considerable hit, and regions are feeling the hit differently as local economic structures and support help determine the pathway ahead.

As New Zealand looks towards the economic recovery phase of the pandemic, Kiwis are changing how we do work, where we work from, and who we interact with.

Infometrics Senior Economist Brad Olsen outlined the Infometrics economic outlook for the year ahead, how Southland has responded, and what this means going forward.

Brad Olsen is a Senior Economist and Director at Infometrics and a leading economic commentator across New Zealand who focuses on getting useful information to businesses, decision makers, and the public. At present, he is focused on the economic effects of COVID-19 and changes to the New Zealand economy, as jobs are lost, business practices change, and a “new” normal emerges.

Click here to download a copy of Brad Olsen’s presentation.

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