19 March 2024

Empower Dyslexic Thinking in every workplace

Future workplaces will depend on Dyslexic Thinking skills – that’s what the research from the World Economic Forum tells us. But that future is here – it’s now! 

AI can’t replace the soft skills that every organisation needs like innovation, lateral thinking, complex problem solving and interpersonal skills – and these are Dyslexic Thinking skills.  

But 62% say they need to learn more about Dyslexic Thinking. And over two thirds say they need tools to help them. That’s why we were excited to bring this panel discussion to you during Neurodiversity Week.   

Our panel shared dyslexics unique skillset, and demonstrated why you need to add dyslexic thinking skills to your team.

Facilitated by our very own local expert Chris Cole (Unique Minds), guest panellists included:

  • Sumaria Beaton, General Manager Awarua Synergy
  • Danny Leonard, Operational Excellence Business Partner Power Net
  • Chris Montgomery, General Manager Southland Express.

If you are interested in joining a dyslexic business networking group, please email joanne@southlandchamber.co.nz

Dyslexics are:

  • Leaders
  • Innovative
  • Solution focused
  • Active learners
  • Idea generators
  • Big picture thinkers
  • Creative
  • Social influencers.

​If you connect to the list of dyslexic strengths or want to know more, take this quiz. Additional resources are available online at https://southlandchamber.co.nz/resource/dyslexics-thinking/

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