10 August 2023

Navigating Health and Safety Governance Essentials with Melissa Vining

Hosted by Institute of Directors Otago Southland branch, in partnership with Southland Business Chamber, this session provided practical health and safety governance insights for directors and business leaders.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) requires directors to take ultimate responsibility for the health and safety of their business. The principles underpinning health and safety governance are no different than any other aspect of a governance role. Good health and safety governance is about having a demonstrable plan and a pro-active approach to making the workplace as safe as it can be.

This health and safety governance update provided an overview of directors’ duties and liabilities under the HSWA Act, introducing the key terms and concepts central to meeting these obligations, while providing practical information on how to deliver best practice governance.

Under Chatham House Rule, health and safety systems auditor, Melissa Vinning also shared insights from relevant industry and case law examples from recent high profile cases she has been involved with.

Thanks Melissa, an excellent and very informative session.

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