27 February 2020

Leadership Academy Alumni Connect. Courageous Conversations

On a beautiful Southland evening, Southland Leadership Academy Alumni were invited to come along to this session to learn how to have courageous conversations – that effect positive and permanent change.

Let’s remember the three C’s and then F E S. Thanks Robin, appreciate you sharing your wisdom and experience with our Alumni.

Guest speaker – Robin Rawson

Robin Rawson is one of New Zealand’s leading adult educators and for over 30 years has assisted thousands of senior managers, executives, business owners, parents, school teachers, Government officials and community leaders.

During that period he has coached, mentored and challenged those in positions of power to execute that power with integrity, empathy and humility.

Robin genuinely cares not only about what people learn, but more importantly what people DO with what they learn. His style of teaching is very practical and hands on allowing you to engage in a meaningful, provocative and memorable experience.

Robin holds a National Certificate in Business Studies, a Diploma in Adult Teaching and a Certificate in Training and Development. He is a senior consultant for the NZ Institute of Management South Island wide and an accredited 4QL educator with the Wilf Jarvis Foundation.

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