16 November 2021

Westpac Smarts. Tony Laker

WOW! What an inspirational inaugural Westpac Smarts event, with guest speaker Tony Laker.

Tony’s presentation was entitled “How the Hell did that Happen”? which he described as a no-nonsense, common-sense, good fun, roller-coaster ride of adventure, controversy, intrigue, some good ideas, with a little bit of sex and travel. 

We found out the secrets to the House of Travel Lakers success, how they were rebuilding from COVID destroying 95% of their business, and how anyone can apply these very same simplistic principals to their business and life.

Some of Tony’s favourite quotes …

  • “you’ll never get to second base if you have your foot on first”
  • “take calculated risks!”
  • “the little things matter the most”
  • “life’s hard, get a helmet”

And Tony’s three words he lives by ATTITUDE | BELIEF | FOCUS

Thanks Tony!

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