Digital Boost: Free online learning to make the internet work for you

“Tech has allowed me to show over 1.2 million people per month the Grass to Glass story of our beautiful White Gold! MILK!!!! Tangaroa Walker, Farm 4 Life

Join 66 thousand Kiwi businesses who are taking up free online Digital Boost courses to help them do business smarter.

Digital Boost upskills small business owners to make the internet work for you. This government-funded programme is available at no cost to any small business owner, providing access to material and support developed by some of New Zealand’s leading digital innovators. 

Digital Boost is a partnership between the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and a consortium led by Academyex– an award-winning online learning organisation – to help more Kiwi businesses realise the benefits of being digital. 

The free online courses are designed to equip business owners, like yourself, with digital skills to do business smarter – and they’re taught by Kiwi experts who make it all straightforward. 

What will you learn?

The online courses take you through self-paced learning. Bite-sized videos learning videos on topics like:

  • Websites
  • Digital tools
  • Social media
  • AI
  • Small Business accounting
  • Business insights
  • Future technologies

There’s also free online support 5 days a week, as well as weekly webinars where you can ask questions related to your specific business needs.

How do I sign up?

Just go to

Start your journey with a Digital Boost to your business today!