EECA – Productive and low-emissions business

The business sector accounts for about:

  • 48% of our total energy use (excluding transport)
  • 27% of New Zealand’s total energy-related emissions.

Using energy more efficiently translates to lower energy costs and improved profitability.

EECA offer the following initiatives to help New Zealand businesses:

Programmes & co-investment

EECA encourage New Zealand businesses to adopt strategic energy management systems by providing advice, technical assistance and co-investment. EECA engage directly with the largest energy-using businesses, and partner with accredited energy service providers and industry associations to assist the wider sector. See all EECA co-funding and support programmes for business.

Energy Transition Accelerator

Under the Energy Transition Accelerator, EECA collaborate with the largest energy-users in the public sector, and the largest carbon-emitters in the private sector. EECA help them to prioritise energy management and lower emissions over the long term. Learn more about the Energy Transition Accelerator.

Technology demonstration

EECA co-invest with businesses to pilot innovative energy- and/or carbon-saving technologies and process improvements that are yet to be widely adopted in New Zealand. Learn more about co-funding Technology demonstration.

Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund

EECA supports early and innovative investment in promoting, enabling and/or accelerating the uptake of electric and other low-emission vehicles in New Zealand. Apply for the fund.

Electric Vehicles Programme

EECA plays an important role in the Government’s Electric Vehicles Programme. EECA EV information campaign dispels myths about EVs and helps people understand whether their transport needs can be met with a low-emissions vehicle. EECA also stimulate innovation in the sector through our Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund.  Learn more about electric vehicles for business.

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