Export Documentation Services

The export documentation process sometimes requires that documents be authenticated (certified) by the NZ Chamber of Commerce.

You will know if documents need certification by the Chamber from details on your Letter of Credit or from instructions received from the importer. Be sure to check the details you have received carefully or discuss directly with the importer to ensure you meet requirements correctly the first time.

As a guideline, certification is often required if you are exporting to some Middle Eastern or Latin American countries, if you are exporting particular foodstuffs and related products, if a developing country has a special concession arrangement, or if New Zealand has a free trade or bilateral agreement with the country to which you are exporting.

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Certificate of Origin

If you are exporting overseas, especially to Asia or the Middle east then you may need a certificate of origin or chamber certified documents for your goods. Certificates of origin are issued to exporters to certify the country of origin of specified goods. The Chamber is able to certify export documentation including commercial invoices, bills of ladings, and MPI certificates by a manual (wet stamp) or electronic process. Click here to view NZCCI guide regarding Certificates of Origin.

Standard Certificates of Origin (wet stamp)

The Chamber can issue Certificates of Origin and certify other trade documents such as commercial invoices, free of sale documents and visa applications for members and others on request.

In order for the Chamber to certify documents on behalf of your company you need to complete an agreement form. The Chamber will then provide you with a Certificate of Origin template form for your use and can start signing your documents. Just email us on office@southlandchamber.co.nz.

‘Wet-Stamped’ certification is available for:

  • Certificates of Free Sale or Manufacture
  • Certificates of Origin and related export documents for exports to:
  • Algeria, Bahrain*, Cuba, Egypt*, Ethiopia*, Guatemala*, Iraq*, Jordan*, Kuwait*, Lebanon, Oman, Peru, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey*, Yemen and UAE*.
    * Known to regularly accept electronically certified documents without issue, so it is worth checking a wet-stamp requirement

For all other countries please apply online using the electronic certifying service (eCertify) by submitting a PDF of the Certificate of Origin and, if required, related export documents.

Electronic Certificates of Origin

The Chamber has an online certification system available. essCert is a fast and cost effective way of lodging and having your documents certified without the need for couriers.

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Certificate of Free Sale / Certificate of Manufacture

These forms seek assurances from a governmental agency that the associated products offered for entry into their country comply with the requirements of the New Zealand laws of distribution in our domestic market.

These certificates can also be referred to as “Certificate of Export”, or “Certificate of Foreign Governments”.


A carnet is a Customs document that facilitates the temporary export of goods overseas, and is valid for up to one year. A Carnet is like a passport for your goods.

Carnets are issued and guaranteed by national organisations around the world. The Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce is the sole guaranteeing and issuing association for New Zealand.

Contact the Carnet desk on 0508 CARNET (0508 227 638) or click here for further information.

Free Trade Agreements

The New Zealand Chambers of Commerce Inc has been approved as a certified body able to issue certificates for your shipments under two Free Trade Agreements. If you wish to take advantage of the benefits provided by the AANZFTA and NZ CHINA FTA agreements, please go to www.chamberdocs.co.nz for more information and to register.