First Steps: Resilience and Wellbeing Support

From Under Pressure to Under Control

First Steps mission is to support business stakeholders, including owners, leaders, and employees, in developing resilience, promoting wellness, and acquiring the necessary skills to successfully navigate through periods of change and uncertainty.

This self-directed online hub is designed to support your journey to wellbeing.

We know that business owners, managers and staff experience particular pressures, challenges and unpredictability that may impact their ability to thrive. They’re confronting feelings of uncertainty, fear, grief, anxiety, depression. Perhaps a loss of control, self-doubt or disconnection.

No matter the complexity of these feelings, it’s important to know there is help available to support you. First Steps is a space to find resources, video content, news and articles; as well as connecting you with confidential support from approved professional wellbeing providers, to help you make sense of challenging situations, reduce overwhelm and make meaningful change toward a fulfilling and balanced life.

First Steps aim is to provide access to preventative support for business owners, managers and employees, and in turn, reduce the number of those seeking it in crisis. We know everyone’s journey is different, so by providing access to a variety of tools, resources and perspectives, we hope you feel seen, understood and supported in a way that works for you.

First Steps is a nation-wide initiative, provided in collaboration with The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, the Ministry of Health, the Auckland Chamber of Commerce and the Employers and Manufacturers Association. It is confidential and free to access. 

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