Working in Murihuku Southland

Living on the southern edge comes with unique opportunities and challenges, and we are here to embrace them with big imaginations and even bigger ambitions. We are used to breaking new ground, whether it’s digging through solid granite to create a route to Piopiotahi, building a power station inside a mountain at Manapōuri, or being at the forefront of hydrogen energy development.

Our location has instilled in us an entrepreneurial spirit and an independent mindset. We don’t just stand by; we dive right in with boots on the ground. Our track record of innovation, early adoption of new ideas, and self-belief has resulted in a wealth of successful start-ups and small businesses as well as one of the highest employment rates in the country.

We bring together the people, capital, and resources necessary to put ideas into action and make a real difference. From plant-based foods to sustainable fishing and aquaculture, space operations to regenerative tourism, nowhere in Aotearoa, New Zealand, is as productive as we are.

So, if you’re a trailblazer or an opportunity seeker, join us on the southern edge, where anything is possible. Together, we can break new ground and make a real impact.

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