Mentoring Support

Support for your business with the help of an experienced business mentor.

Business Mentors New Zealand can help you and your small business to build skills and perspective for future success by connecting you with a business mentor. 

The service can include up to 12 months of confidential, one-on-one assistance with an experienced and dedicated mentor who can offer guidance, encourage you to solve specific business challenges and provide an independent and fresh perspective for your business.  

Is a business mentor right for you?

Register for a Business Mentor if 

  • You are motivated and determined to grow your business. 
  • You are willing to listen and receive constructive feedback related to you and your business. 
  • You are able to commit to the mentoring relationship, working proactively to ensure tasks are achieved in a timely manner with open and honest communication. 

For more information, please contact the Business Growth Advisor team at Great South.