Improving Workplace Literacy

Bespoke workplace training delivered in your workplace to improve your staff’s foundation skills at no cost to you. Interested?

The Skills Highway workplace literacy and numeracy programme is funded by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). Improving literacy and numeracy can unlock productivity, kick-start educational success, and deliver far-reaching benefits for workplaces, workers, and their families.

Workplace literacy is the mix of skills employees need to complete everyday tasks at work, including skills to communicate with customers, understand health and safety information, keep accurate records and follow production schedules.

Poor literacy costs your business but a well trained highly literate and numerate workforce will help your business be more productive and your staff be more engaged.

Skills Highway promotes the programme and supports businesses to apply for funding. You can drop them a line at and they can give you a call.

To find out more visit Skills Highway website to see more about the training and its benefits, plus watch some examples of programmes.