20 June 2024

Southland Business Chamber Calls for Accountability in Leadership

MEDIA RELEASE: 20  June 2024

The Southland Business Chamber expresses deep concern regarding the continued problematic conduct of Mayor Nobby Clark, notably at the recent UFBA Firefighter Challenge event.

This incident, as determined by an independent investigation, highlights a pattern of behaviour that not only breaches the expected standard of conduct for our elected city leaders but also jeopardises the reputation and future opportunities for Invercargill, and should not be tolerated.

The ongoing behaviour exhibited by Mayor Clark at various public events, including the use of racially and sexually insensitive language at the Arts Foundation tour and then on national television, underscores a troubling trend that does not align with the values of our community. We believe these actions threaten the cultural and economic vitality of our city.

Chamber CEO Sheree Carey said “despite Mayor Clark’s health challenges and his subsequent apology, the recurring nature of these incidents indicates a critical need for systemic change within our city’s leadership.  The Chamber firmly believes that Invercargill deserves leadership that acts with integrity and respects the dignity of all individuals”

“Given the repeated nature of these incidents and the unwillingness of Mayor Clark to adapt his behaviour despite previous feedback, the Chamber believes that the most responsible course of action would be for Mayor Clark to step aside.” she said.

Mayor Clark has acknowledged that his medical condition, which could persist for several years, is impacting his ability to perform his duties to the expected standard. Given this admission, his resignation could be a crucial step in protecting Invercargill’s reputation and ensuring progressive and representative leadership for our city.

The Southland Business Chamber, while advocating for this change, remains dedicated to working collaboratively with the City Council to promote business growth and foster a vibrant economic and cultural environment in Invercargill.



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