Southland's Business & Innovation Centre


Nestled in the heart of Invercargill, 25 on Don is a vibrant and welcoming centre for business and innovation. 

The hub, established in 2023 by The Southland Business Chamber, is crafted to nurture and support the thriving Southland business community.

At 25 on Don, we offer an array of flexible workspace solutions. Whether you’re looking for collaborative energy of hot-desk facilities, the privacy of your own office suite, or the dedicated meeting rooms, we’ve designed every space so that you are comfy and your clients are totally impressed! Our boardroom and training room are also available for hire, providing the perfect backdrop for your next presentation or workshop.

Our spaces are not just about functionality; they’re about creating an environment where business meets creativity, where connections are made, and where ideas flourish.

25 on Don is referred to as The Octopus. The octopus possesses three hearts, symbolising the interconnectedness and collaboration among three entities: The Southland Business Chamber, COIN South, and Coworkers (including Thriving Southland, and Te Rourou One Aotearoa Foundation). 

Each heart represents the shared commitment to fostering business growth, supporting entrepreneurship, and building a strong community. Furthermore, the octopus’s tentacles serve as powerful connectors, reflecting the network and relationships established by these organisations. Just as the tentacles reach out in various directions, the Southland Business Chamber, COIN South, and Coworkers work together to connect individuals, businesses, and resources, enabling a thriving and sustainable Southland economy and business community. 

The Business Centre


With hot-desk facilities, private office suites, meeting rooms, a boardroom and training room available for hire, the hub fosters connections, innovation and business growth.  

Venue Highlights:

  • Contemporary business centre
  • Flexible spaces
  • Quality technology 
  • Free Wifi
  • Experienced team for business and event management support 
  • Tea and coffee, plus any catering can be arranged (additional fee applies).

Click here to learn more about co-working with us, and click here to learn more about venue hire. Alternatively, download our 25 on Don brochure showcasing The Business Centre. 

We invite you to discover 25 on Don, whether you’re dropping in for a day or looking to grow old together.

Innovation Centre


The Innovation Centre is designed to accelerate business growth, scalability and productivity within the region through additional capability building tools and services to support businesses focusing on innovation for business growth. 

This project aims to facilitate economic diversity through entrepreneurial capability building across the region in:

  • Existing companies looking to grow and future proof their businesses; and
  • Industry clusters, including the newly established Engineering and Manufacturing Cluster, looking to transition to a higher value regional economy.
The Innovation Centre will also house a Print Farm, a suite of 3D printers.